Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet 2021

What is Dual Sport motorcycle helmet?

A mix between full face and off-road helmets are called dual sport helmet. More precisely, similar inner padding or comfort like full face helmet along with large visor and lower chin bar are called dual sort helmet. That is means a helmet looks like off road helmet but serve like full face helmet (due to inner padding and comfort) is considered as “Dual Sport Helmet”.

Why Dual Sport motorcycle helmet?

To ride a dual sports bike you can prefer dual sports helmet. It will gives you better vision than conventional full face helmet. Ensures more ventilation and airflow compare to full face on road helmets. Also help to get rid of your dilemma to buy an off-road or on-road helmet.

Top 5(Five) best Dual Sport motorcycle helmets to buy.

Considering build quality, safety, easy to use, design and price off course among plenty of dual sports motorcycle helmets our recommended top 5 ‘Dual Sport’ motorcycle helmet for you noted below with top features. For more detail and latest price please feel free to click ‘Check Price’ button.

Bell (MX-9 MIPS) Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet.

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  • Shell made by lightweight polycarbonate.
  • Entirely modifiable ‘Flying Bridge Visor’.
  • Ensures maximum cooling with ‘Velocity Flow Ventilation system’ through air intake outlets.
  • Among the industries one of a kind five years warranty on shell.
  • Product ensures standard levied by the ‘California Air Resources Board (CARB)’.

Westt Cross (WD-004) Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet.

  • Patented ‘Westt Connect buckle’. Which synchronized smartphone to store medical data and more information.
  • Scratch resistant external visor with internal sunshield.
  • DOT & FMVSS 218 certified street legal for USA users.
  • Suitable for any condition.
  • Provides extra padding and easily washable.

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Scorpion EXO (95-1023) Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip-up Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet.

Scorpion EXO Unisex Adult Modular

  • Shell made by tough material Like LG Polycarbonate.
  • Double Solidity EPS.
  • Aero dynamic tuned Vent.
  • Anti-Fog Visor. Double Visor.
  • Large sized eye port for better visibility.

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O’Neal (2Series) Adult Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet.

  • Light weight shell.
  • ‘Ultra-plush’ padding inner.
  • Lightweight rubber made nose guard.
  • Plenty of air vents to ensure air flow & cooling.
  • DOT & ECE Qualified.

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ILM (911) Adult Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet.

  • Meets FMSS 218 and DOT standards.
  • Sun visor adjustable for better view.
  • Chin strap along with quick release buckle to ensure comfort.
  • Aerodynamic design suits all condition of riding.
  • Easy breathing and ventilation design.

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